Monday, December 12, 2016

More Iceland

Sunday morning was wet and dreary, with wind as well.  At the crack of 10:00 we went out for breakfast.  Not too many people out on the streets at that time.  We found a breakfast place (The Laundromat) and had a nice big breakfast.  We then hopped in the car to drive to a national park where the first national assembly of Iceland took place in about 970 AD.  Couldn't see much because of the rain and mist, so we turned around, went back to the hotel, walked up to the Saga Museum, where we spent a couple of hours seeing and hearing vignettes of the early history of Iceland.
We wandered around the harbor for a while, then walked back downtown for dinner at the Geyser bistro.

Fish soup with white chocolate!

Yummy desert

Salt cod smothered in butter and sauce

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  1. Holy smokes! Look at that breakfast! Looks like so much fun! Bathing in silica sounds like quite the experience!