Sunday, December 11, 2016

First days in Iceland.

We arrived at 6:15am, right on time.  It was dark, and remained so until about 10:00.  We sailed through passport control, picked up our luggage, breezed past customs (nothing to declare), got our rental car, and eventually found our way to the Downtown Hostel.  Our room was not ready yet, so we wandered the old downtown area, trying to stay awake yet enjoy the sights.  Not many people out, but the weather was good(chilly but dry), and the lights in the shops made the city seem warm.  We went into an enormous cathedral on the highest point in the city, with a huge organ, but no one was playing.

Later we went back to the hostel, checked in, took a short nap, then drove to the Blue Lagoon for a "spa" experience.  The water comes out of the ground hot enough to drive an electricity generator, then is routed into the man-made lagoon, where literally hundreds of people soak every day.  The water has a high concentration of silica, which makes it very opaque and blue.  The water is about 103 degrees and about 4 foot deep, and very relaxing.  

Dinner at a very nice local restaurant:

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