Wednesday, December 14, 2016

leaving Iceland and arriving in Stockholm

On Monday our flight to Stockholm was to leave at 7:35am, which meant that we needed to be checked in by 6:35 , and we needed to drive about an hour, fill the car, drop it off, and get our baggage checked.  At the gas station near the airport we tried to fill up, but the pump required a PIN code, which my card did not have.  No worries, we would find another station. Well, no station appeared, and we had trouble finding the rental car return place, made a couple of rounds before getting to the place.  I went inside, told a rather grumpy attendant that I had not filled the tank, and he said there was a place right behind the office, and some other travelers gave me better directions.  I found the pumps, but again a PIN code was required, so no fuel.  The attendant informed me that there would be a charge for the fuel plus a charge for service, but of course, we had no choice.  The plane was waiting, we had to go!  We decided that we would do things differently next time, if there is a next time.

The flight to Stockholm was uneventful.  Coming in, snow covered the ground and trees, and the sun was shining, so things were looking up.  We took the Express train from the airport to central Stockholm, and then we had to go only a hundred yards to the hotel.  No rental car for us!

Our first stop in Stockholm was at the phone shop to get our cell phones set up.  A new SIM card for each, plus minutes to call, etc.  Voila, it worked. Now we can communicate!  I can even call Christina.

The rest of the day was spent getting settled, contacting friends, and resting (since we had gotten up at 4:30 that morning.)

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